The future of drug design

RECEPTOR.AI provides an end-to-end small molecule drug discovery platform for precision and personalised medicine to achieve ultimate selectivity between highly similar off-target proteins.

Our mission
RECEPTOR.AI's mission is to create superior drugs, which are safe, efficient and successful in clinical trials by developing a next generation drug discovery platform based on the synergy of AI, computational chemistry and biology.

We aim to improve access to AI drug discovery via our AI platform which is integrated with wet labs to make the drug discovery process more efficient.
Our vision
We dream about a world where new drugs are developed so fast, that new diseases have no chances to spread.

We envision radical minimization of drug testing on animals and humans with improvement of their safety and efficiency by combining advanced AI with novel biomimetic technologies.
Our team
The Receptor.AI team is made up of more than 20 specialists with expertise in AI, computational chemistry, and biology, uniting a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines and extensive experience in drug discovery industry. Building on its Ukrainian roots, the company, headquartered in London, extends its reach and enhances its capabilities within the global pharmaceutical sector through its R&D facility in Germany. We are dedicated to developing proprietary innovative therapeutics, further solidifying our impact on healthcare worldwide.

Dr. Alan Nafiev

Chief Executive Officer,

Ph.D. holder in Data Science with expertise
in leading AI-driven drug discovery projects. He specializes in designing cloud systems for life sciences, particularly focusing on AI-powered workflows. With a strong background in B2B start-ups, he brings valuable experience to the intersection of data science and the life sciences industry.

Dr. Sergii Starosyla

Chief Technical Officer,

PhD in Molecular Biology with over 15 years of experience in drug discovery and scientific software development. Medicinal chemist, expert in development of machine-learning models, algorithms for pharmacophore modelling and molecular docking. Author of number of patented anticancer and anti-microbic biologically active compounds.

Dr. Semen Yesylevskyy

Chief Scientific Officer,


PhD, Dr.Sci. in biophysics. 20+ years of experience in molecular modelling, computational drug discovery and scientific software development. Author of unique techniques and algorithms in simulations of curved and asymmetric lipid membranes and assessment of drug-membrane interactions.

Prof. Mikhail Bogdanov

Scientific Advisor, Membrane Molecular Biology

PhD, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at University of Texas Medical School with 30+ years of experience in experimental studies of lipid membranes and membrane proteins. An expert in design and assessment of membrane targeting compounds.

Prof. Kevin Burgess

Scientific Advisor, PPI Modulators

Renowned Rachal Professor of Chemistry at Texas A&M, who has made significant contributions to the fields of medicinal and combinatorial chemistry. He applies his expertise in peptido-mimetics, hybrid-peptides and PPI targeting.

Prof. Christophe Ramseyer

Scientific Advisor, Membrane Biophysics

PhD, Professor of Physics with 20+ years of experience  in quantum chemistry and computational drug design. An expert in simulating interactions of theragnostic nanoparticles with the cell membrane.

Roman Stratiichuk

AI Drug Discovery
Project Manager

Leonid Popryho

Lead AI Engineer

Taras Voitsitskyi

AI Engineer
Computational Chemistry

Ihor Koleiev

Medicinal Chemist

Roman Zhytar

AI Platform Developer

Zakhar Ostrovsky

AI Solutions Developer
for Drug Discovery

Volodymyr Vozniak

AI Solutions Developer
for Drug Discovery

Pavlo Henitsoi

Drug Discovery
Platform Developer

Ivan Khorpachov

AI Drug Discovery
Cloud Engineer

Yana Shevchenko

Quality Assurance Engineer

Vladyslav Husak

Sales and Marketing
Project Manager

Myroslav Uiazdovskyi

BD Executive, 

AI-Enabled Therapeutics

Tetiana Skakun

Marketing Operations

Anastasiia Vituk

TechBio Sales

Our Locations


Ground floor-20,
United Kingdom,
20-22 Wenlock Road,
London N1 7GU

R&D facility

4th floor,
Experimentelle Fabrik,
Germany, Sandtorstraße 23,
39106 Magdeburg