Exciting News from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2024

The launch of ArtiDock on NVIDIA's BioNeMo Platform

This year's J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference was a spectacular showcase of innovation and collaboration in the world of healthcare and AI. Among the highlights, a standout moment was the presentation by Kimberly Powell, NVIDIA's VP of Healthcare.

Our AI model for rapid binding pose prediction, ArtiDock, was featured alongside innovations from Google DeepMind and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for notable contributions in drug discovery.

We're also excited to announce that ArtiDock will soon be available on NVIDIA's BioNeMo platform! This integration marks a significant milestone, allowing broader access and application of our advanced AI model in the scientific community.

And there's more - we've developed an optimized version of ArtiDock v1.5! Our team has rigorously tested this enhanced model on PoseBusters v3, achieving even better performance. This advancement is a step forward in predictive accuracy and speed.

We're preparing materials to dive deeper into these developments, coming your way this month. Stay tuned to learn more about how our optimized ArtiDock is setting new benchmarks in AI-driven drug discovery.