NVIDIA GTC Conference 2024 Presentation Announcement

A closer look at ArtiDock and BioNeMo integration

We are happy to announce that our CEO, Dr. Alan Nafiiev, will be taking the stage at the NVIDIA GTC Conference – the premier event for the latest developments in AI technology!

Alan’s presentation, “Advancing Drug Design With Generative AI: An Integrated Workflow Using BioNeMo,” is scheduled for virtual attendance on March 21 at 1:00 p.m. CET.

This is your chance to get a firsthand look at the newest advancements of our AI docking model, ArtiDock, and its seamless integration with NVIDIA’s BioNeMo platform.

The conference, happening live in downtown San Jose and virtually from March 18-21, will feature over 900 sessions on everything from AI fundamentals to the latest research in HPC, cloud, and the metaverse, led by experts from around the globe.

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Learn more details about BioNeMo integration on NVIDIA's blog and refer to Receptor.AI's case studies.